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Office Hours – August 14th, 2024

Here’s the video of the Office Hours of Monday, August 14th, 2023. Chad Sinness and David Slobotski joined, and we covered various topics. You can skip through the topics through the video sections and read a brief description of the topics below.

You may notice some blurred sections at different points of the video. This blurring is intentional to censor specific internal notes for clients’ privacy.

0:33 – Updates on SessionLife  

An update on SessionLife users, how many sessions have been done on SessionLife, and upcoming features.

3:10 – Tracking Progress on EOS Tools

How the EOS Tools section in Wrap-Up was designed to be used and how it tallies over time in the Graduation Report.

Also, a helpful tip: Use the Graduation Report as a refresher on what tools have been covered with a team when filling out the EOS tools section during Wrap-Up.

13:14 – Using SessionLife with Your Assistant

An overview of the handoffs between EOSI and Assistant when using SessionLife from session prep to the post-session email and assistant action items in the exported notes. We also cover the Wrap-Up Workflow and what enables the Enjoy Life that contains the post-session email and notes export.

You can watch the video on Customizing the Post-session Emails here.

You can watch a video on the Wrap-Up Workflow here.

24:16 – The “Completed” Button in Session Details

Explanation on the design philosophy and use of the “Completed” button in each section of the Session Details.

27:01 – Do Issues Carry Over Between Sessions?

The philosophy behind Issues in SessionLife versus the Issues that teams track in their own system (Ninety, Bloom, etc.), and tips on facilitating IDS during a session.

30:47 – Facilitating the Review of Prior Quarter

Guidance on facilitating through financial reviews and Rocks during sessions when using paper printouts or projecting notes on a screen in the room.

36:37 – Ideal iPad Settings

An overview of Mike’s iPad settings, like auto-lock and brightness, for facilitating sessions with SessionLife.

39:23 – Inputting Legacy Data

An explanation on how to use the Legacy Data feature to enter the numerical data points from previous sessions to round out the reporting for a client.