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Can You Export Issues and Rocks?

User Question from Tiffany Ablola: “Is there a way to export all issues and rocks generated during a session from the app? I like to store them in my personal EOSI notes for context. I know to-do items automatically go to the post-session email.”

The answer is no. Here’s why:

I made a clear and fundamental decision about the philosophy of Session Life relative to other systems.

Session Life is for the implementer only.

Rocks and Issues are the client’s responsibility. They put them in Bloom,, Google Docs, or whichever system they use. As an implementer, I don’t store or track them. That said, I *NEVER* leave the room without photos of the whiteboard or OneNote if done digitally. I can always refer back to them. In fact, I can refer back to them from SessionLife by using the Session Work URL in the Client Day 0 settings.

Watch: Client Day 0 Info

Watch: Session Photos

If you watch both of the above videos, you’ll see what I mean. I do not store them actually in Session Life. However, in Session Life, I do store the number of rocks that they take, and those numbers are automated forward to the next session, so when we are doing rock review, and they have 3 rocks and Session Life is telling me they took 5, I know to ask about it. Otherwise, it is in their system of record and not SessionLife. When doubt is in the room about what they committed to, I can put up the last session (as shown in the video) by opening reports and clicking on CLIENT REFERENCE and the Session Work URL.

The same is true for Issues as it is for Rocks, except that I don’t track how many.

  • SessionLife: Implementer domain
  • Ninety, Bloom, etc.: Client domain.
    • Rocks & Issues are client domains.