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Letter Grades in VB2 Rock Review

User Question from Lesa Skipper: “VB2 Rock Review didn’t have a place for me to put the letter grade. Can you help me find that?”

I *love* this question. Here’s why…

I built Session Life while I was on the coaching team, which, as you know, should be a team that knows what EOS pure is. Well, I lost count of how many times someone who was testing the app asked me about something because it was built the way I was facilitating! Then, of course, I had to go look it up, and sure enough, I wasn’t doing it purely, and as a result, I had to change the app.

Well, the reason there is no letter grade in VB2 is because we don’t ask for letter grades until the first quarterly. I even scrubbed the VB2 implementer guide just now to make sure I’m right about that, and there is no mention of letter grades.

There’s your answer. With the exception of the headcount questions in the Prior Qtr Review, the app should be tracking the implementer guide 100%.