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Changing your Apple ID

A few of you are now using your iPads for business and have asked about how to change your Apple ID from a personal account to your business account.

Here’s how changing your Apple ID works without losing your Session Life data:

Before you log out of your Apple ID (the one you want to change from), open the subscriptions settings and cancel your Session Life subscription so you are no longer billed on this account.

Then go to the Settings section of the iPad and log out of that Apple ID. When you log out of your current Apple ID account, your data will remain in the app locally on your iPad. IMPORTANT: Do not delete the Session Life app, or reformat your iPad, or you will lose your data. Just logging out of one Apple ID account will not impact Session Life.

Session Life data is automatically backed up to an iCloud account folder associated with your Apple ID. You will have a backup in the account you just logged out of, but nothing to do there.

Then, go to the iPad’s Settings and log into your new Apple ID account. When you are logged in, open Session Life.

Session Life will notice that you do not have a subscription. To purchase one, you need to ENTER a session that you created. That is when Session Life will prompt you to purchase one. Just purchase a subscription (remember you canceled your old one first), and you’ll be all set.

Your data will have remained in the Session Life locally on your iPad the whole time. When you start SessionLife for the first time under the new Apple ID, it will detect that your iCloud backup folder is empty and will simply create a new backup using your local data to the iCloud folder associated with your new Apple ID.

That’s it. There isn’t much to it, as long as you DO NOT DELETE the app or reformat your iPad.