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Office Hours – June 12, 2023

We had Amy Morin, Sean O’Driscoll, and Caleb Anderson join, and we covered a variety of topics. You can skip through the video and also read a brief description of the topics below.

01:31 – Updates on SessionLife

An update on how many sessions have been done on SessionLife, and upcoming features.

06:42 – How Can the Implementer’s Admin Interface with SessionLife?

An illustration of how SessionLife is designed so that the admin does not need to interface directly with SessionLife.

We walk through the handoffs between Implementer and admin during session prep and session wrap-up and answer questions from Amy Morin and her admin on how to integrate SessionLife into their workflow.

You can watch the Assistant Workflow videos here: Pre-SessionPost Session.

You can watch the video on Customizing the Post-session Emails here.

26:04 – Navigating the Knowledge Base

A brief overview of the different sections of the Knowledge Base and using the search function.

27:36 – Adding Pre-session Issues

A question from Amy Morin on adding sessions for the session when preparing for the session.

31:00 – Keyboard Input

Using keyboard in the app and how to use the splitscreen feature to not lose the ink when using keyboard input.

33:44 – Hiding Swan Services

Different options to not have Swan Services visible in your app, either by deleting or marking them as an inactive client.

39:17 – When a Leadership Team Member Is a No-Show

How to use the Manage Team Members feature to adjust for no-shows and to order them according to how they are seated in the room.

41:58 – Building Confidence in Using SessionLife

Tips on building confidence with the handwriting element of SessionLife and the app’s navigation to be able to be present in the room with the team.