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Counting Rocks in SessionLife

User Question from Michael Ulbrich: “For Quarterly rocks and when I am inputting the # of Rocks each LT member has this quarter….if Billy (for example) has 2 company Rocks and 4 individual Rocks do I enter 4 or 6?”

Rocks in SessionLife are counted just as we teach our clients.

Everyone has “3 to 7” Rocks. If a team member has 2 Company Rocks and 2 individual Rocks, they have a total of 4 rocks. When you’re in the “Rocks” module, enter 4 for the team member we just described.

SessionLife will add up everyone’s Rocks and show you the total the team has taken. SessionLife also tracks Company Rocks separately to highlight the Company Rock completion rate. The number of Rocks for each team member, the total Rocks, and your notes about how the Rocks setting went will appear in the “Prior Review QTR Review” module of the next session.